Solidago juncea

Goldenrod is a late summer flower. This is one of the earliest to bloom in northern Wisconsin. Goldenrod gets a bad name because of the ragweed that often grows alongside and causes “hayfever.” Actually, goldenrod pollen is sticky and thick and doesn’t go airborne easily, so is not the likely cause of breathing problems. The flower creates pollen that is used by many insects as they forage for food, and several moths create a home in the stem, creating a gall, where the larvae develop.

This print is available to purchase from our sister site Singing Flower Studio. 

These botanical prints are printed with special archival Giclee inks guaranteed for 75 years or more. This is different from prints pulled from my inkjet printer that will only last for 3-5 years when exposed to daylight.

The prints are numbered in sequence from 1 to 100 and are signed by the artist in pencil in the lower margin of the print. This means that no more than 100 will ever be printed.

Each printed image fits inside an 11 x 14” window of the mat. Each double mat has an outside dimension of 16 x 20” and is ready to be dropped into a standard frame. Standard sized frames are available at most big box stores or at art supply stores.

Prints are shipped in a sturdy box. The shipping cost is included in the price.

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